Glossary :
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The term Lymphatic Circulation is use to describe  a circulation that is parallel to the Blood Circulation . Its main purpose is  the defence of our body . Another job of the Lymphatic  Circulation is to  ” drain” all the fluids in the tissues  left behind from the blood circulation and drain it back to the system . The specific technique that helps our body with this task is the Lymphatic  Massage . Basically with this massage we improve:
~ liquid drainage
~  toxins drainage ate
~ circulation improvement
The correct term for Cellulite is Panniculopathi………There are differenti stages of Cekluilte( 4 in total ) . The first one is the characterised  by the presence of liquids  and is the only one treatable  with massage and cosmetics. The other ones can be improved with medical techniques .  .
The Keratinization is a process of the Epidermis , the outer layer of our skin .We can define the Keratinization as an Hyper produci of Keratin , a protein that is produce as a barrier for our skin .e.  
Excess of Liquid is the common term used to describe the deficency of  our Lymphatic system in the drainage of the liquids is our tissues . It can be helped with the Lymphatic drainage massage and with some cosmetics with draining properties . .
Veins are the deeper circulation vassels . Typical of the circulation that brings the blood toward the heart.



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