We are spending so much time and money to pick to perfect product for our need , that wouldn’t it be great to know how to keep them in their best condition ?
To help you out i have prepared a video about the specific expiration date in products and how to keep them and to elongate their shelf life .

To find out what the specific expiration date in cosmetics  you need to look for this symbol.
It tells you :
from the moment you open the product, how many months you have before it expires

What about Make up ??
Most of the time it is not specified so I though about  making a list for you for the main Make up catheghory

~ Mascare
~Liner, Kajal

An Emulsion is a  System in which little droplets are dispersed in .
In most Creams the main face is Water with Fat droplets dispersed in .
Day Creams are emulsion . On the market there are so many types of Day Creams .
When you are searching for a Day Cream you should look for
~ Skin Type
~Skin Concern.
It is always better to look for products theta have SPF in their formulation .
After al, Sun is one of the main responsible for Premature Skin Ageing.
Lotions are like Day Creams but lighter in texture .
Gel  have a hight  percentage of water compared to creams and lotions.  therefor they are the best option for :
~Morning Routine
~ Oily /Combination Skin
~Layering Methods ( Korean Skin Care Method ).
Night Creams are emulsions with a hight percentage of fats in the composition . Usually are “richer” then day Creams and in their composition are often use  “renewal” ingredients or “restoring” complex.
Because our skin renews and repair during the night , its a good thing to look for ingredient and composition to treat the specific concerns and needs  like :
~ anti-aging
~ dark spots
~ oxygenating
~ nutrient 
Night Gelly are a new generation kind of Masks.Usually in gel like consistency , you will  mainly find them  in  the Korean , Japanese Beau
After keeping it on your skin all night, you will wake up in the morning and start your usual Morning Routine with a Cleanser .


Here you can find a Demo for the Basic  Application for day and night Cream .
If you are interested to know other specific technique , go to the ASK ME section , leave a comment and I will prepare a video for You!!



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