L’ Essence  is a cosmetic in a liquid form  .
It is applied after the Toner and before the Eye Care ( eye cream , eye gel etc..).
The Essence is very concentrated , very similar to a Serum.
So many confuse them with Toner , for its liquid form , but they are so much more ! In some  cases they can substitute the toner and serum all together !


~ESFOLIATING  helps with the consistency of you skin  and usually they have , as an active ingredient, botanical extract or                                          A.H.A   ( go to  the Glossary to discover each ingredient )

~ ILLUMINATING   to Boost the “glow ” of your skin

~ NURISHING     they have more ” consistency ” then most for the concentration of active ingredients

~ PURYFING      with the concentration of botanical extract they help. the skin  with extract with astringent properties .
Mostly indicated for those who are looking for pore astringent  effect and sebum production regulation

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Let’s make this more clear !  Watch the video below


This video shows you a technique for the Essence application
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