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These are some of the common Ingredients on the market . To be an informed customer is good to know what every one is

Vit. E
The Vit E or also colled  Tocopherol    it’ s a vitamina the in the beauty field it’s used for its antioxidant and repairing effect .
In Natural formulation  cosmetics it is also used as a ” natural ”  preservative thanks to its antioxidant effect .
Vit C
The Vit.  C or also called Ascorbic Acid    it is vastly used in the beauty field as an Ingredient  thanks to its brightening and illuminating effect  especially in the serums and concentrate formulation .
The only down side of this molecule is that it can get easy ruined by the sun exposure or contact with external air .
that is why my advise is to keep serums and products in general that have Vit C as an ingredient far away from sun , heat and well sealed ..
A.H.A. are alpha hydroxy acid , acids  that are found in nature  .
The most known is Glycolic Acid .
The Glycolic Acid is part of the A.H.A. ( Alpha Hydroxy Acid )family that in nature it is extracted from sugar cane, beeds and ananas. The molecules are smaller then other ingredienti so they can be asili absorbed from the skin .
If the concentration of this acid changes, also the effect changes.

In low percentage has an hydrating , brightening  effect .
In  medium percentage  has a plumping effect.
In higher presentate   has an  exfoliatin effect .
The most known  benefit are :
~ brightening effect
~ even skin texture
~ for enlarged pores

The Jaluronic Acid is the ” natural sugar” that binds the water in the skin maintaining the moisture  but with :
~ aging of the tissue
~sun exposure
~ external factors

our body diminishes its  production .
In  beauty it is  mostly used for its hydrating and anti ageing properties.




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