With over 17 years of experience as a skin-beauty expert and naturopath in her Swiss office I started  Fox Beauty Etiquette to share my  knowledge on beauty tips, techniques and guide on ingredients list after realizing the volume of superficial and vanity-led misinformation there was in the beauty field not treating the skin and what we apply on it as an element of a person’s health.

I belive that we need to be informed about what we decide to use , apply and buy for ourself and for our family !

That is why I wanted to collaborate  with brands that resonate with my brand values of researched-based organic skin products, eco-sustainable packaging, educating about the right choices to make, and creating awareness about holistic skincare products and their benefits for our “skin organ”. This builds a strong community towards our climate and ecosystem as well.

Not only this, my. mission is to spread awareness and educate people about the right choices to make when it comes to skincare products.

My partners are making changes in the way the skincare and self care  makes is perceived  my creating EFFECTIVE + PERFORMING + CLEAN + GREEN + Eco-SUSTAINABLE products that are good for you , give you results and that don’t impact the plant !