Well, the skincare routine is a personal affair and I know how important it is to cleanse your skin before you use anything or any sort of product on your skin. Don’t forget skin is an organ that needs utmost care like the other organs in your body. To know more about cleansing – hop on to “Why it is important to cleanse your face” (link of the blog) before applying anything on your skin. Having said this, I would like you all to know that cleansing is the first step in your skincare routine and it is crucial to stabilize the skin area before even thinking about your cream, serums, makeup or anti-ageing creams etc. What I wanted to say is, that if you cleanse properly at firs then all those other products you use will sink deeper into the skin and work more effectively as they ideally should.

Well, but just as important as the cleansing action, it is essential to choose the right cleanser which suits your unique skin type and needs. Okay, so don’t worry about it, I have decoded the two types of cleansers for you (these are actually type of detergents we call as they cleanse your skin’s surface) and this will for real help you in making the right choice for your skin. Also, please don’t forget to take a skin test on the website (link) that will give you an idea about your skin type and you get going with the right skin care product for you every time.
Let’s start first with understanding the two types of cleansers on a broader level.
These types of cleansers mainly remove all the oil-based substances from the skin and cleanse them to the fullest. For example – makeup, sweat, sebum (natural skin oil) and other impurities are removed by oil-based cleansers. For example, balm and oil cleansers are the types of oil-based cleansers. What they do is actually, they dissolve the oil and fat content on the skin like sunscreen, makeup, creams and sebum – the natural oils. Oil-based cleansers are known to remove the bad and excess oils and fat-based products from your skin – this eventually makes your skin free from unwanted fats that may have effects later like acne if not removed or cleansed properly.
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On the contrary to oil-based cleansers – the water-based cleansers are formulated with a higher percentage of water-based compounds that remove all the other impurities like – dust, dirt, pollution effects and any other grime from daily chores that get stuck to your skin. Water-based cleansers come in the form of gels, foam cleansers and milk cleansers. These types of cleansers are suitable for oil-based skin types that are acne-prone. (Take a skin test on the website to know more about your skin)
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Let’s talk about the trend: The double cleansing
The Korean beauty standards and companies mostly recommended first cleansing your face with an oil-based cleanser to get rid of dirt and makeup, regardless of your skin type, and then following it up with the water-based type of cleanser that suits your face. This is called double-cleansing. Yes, it is cleansing with both types of cleansers – first oil-based and then water-based. The researchers from Korean skincare routine standards are highly recommending it as in the first step it removes all fat-based content from your skin while retaining the natural oils and in the second step, it removes all the other grime and dust and pollution making your skin all-clear to use your daily products. Thus, cleansing in any form is important (read here – link).


Okay, a lot of people ask me how to use cleansers the right way – I reply with a strict NO NO for just using make up wipes. I’m not in a favour of using wipes to clean your face as it just does not remove anything from the deep pores of the skin and is not clean in detail.  Whereas, I recommend massaging the product on your skin thoroughly. So, how you have to do this, is to massage the product on your skin until it gets deep and mixes with the skin’s substance to remove and take out all the dirt effectively. It is like exfoliants they go deep in the skin and clean all the dirt and grime (read about them here – link of the blog). On the hand with vibes, it is not possible as you just clean it from the surface and the hard chemicals damage your skin’s PH value. Hence, I would recommend massaging properly the product and rinsing it to get the deep cleanse effect.
I would like to mention that the products on our website respect the PH of the skin – so they will cleanse the skin without stripping the natural oil of the skin and without changing PH of the skin, and also without creating the rebound effect which I have told you guys before in the blog (Why it is important to cleanse your face (link of the blog), check it out.

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Keep glowing and be radiant!


First of all… if you don’t know what’s your skin type, I suggest you head to my website by CLICKING THE BOX below and take the skincare test I have prepared to guide you!
let me tell you that maybe after reading this article and perhaps changing your detergent, you might find yourself in a different skin type category than you thought!!
pH, oil production & Rebound!

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The market is flooded with the products using the phrase “pH balanced” but do we really know what pH levels are and why it’s important?
Let’s start with what actually is the Ph
The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a compound.
goes from 0-14 with 7 in the middle – that is neutral.
Our skin is naturally slightly acidic, around 5.5.

All we need to do is to balance the pH of the skin by using a product with a Ph similar to our natural skin’s Ph… 5.5 that will cleanse your skin not leaving it tight and dehydrated but soft and ready to absorb all the wonderful ingredients you will apply afterwards.

SIORIS is a brand that focuses on clean beauty by sourcing “ORGANIC ” raw ingredient from local organic farmers and focuses one harvesting only when in season ensuring the maximum botanical potency and respect on Nature’s cycle .

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A pH-balancing gel cleanser enriched with organic ALOE VERA EXTRACT to remove makeup, excess oil, and dead skin cells, leaving skin hydrated and refreshed. LOW PH 5.5 Surfactants derived from SUGASR BEETS | CORN | COCONUT

PRICE CHF 24.50 | 

On the other hand, serums, have smaller molecules and no fat content, that is why  they’re able to penetrate deeper within the skin barrier. That’s why they can tackle skin concerns compared to the cream.  In serums, since the molecule is smaller so, the absorption is faster and it goes deep into the skin layers.



Our natural hyaluronic acid serum helps to hydrate your skin from within and plump fine lines and wrinkles. By using 200mg of concentrated low molecular weight hyaluronic acid per bottle, this serum is able to deeply penetrate the skin on your face and neck, leaving it glowing and naturally hydrated all day.

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