vanessa fox beauty etiquette

Readyn to SCULPT ?

I know it might sound repetitive but , once agin let me remind you the steps to ensure a good result !

1. Cleanse your skin .

2. Hydrate your  skin abundantly  my apply your favourite OIL or CREAM to allow the Gua Sha to “glide on your skin to avoid tugging your skin ( especially around the eye and neck which are the thinner and most fragile areas ).

3. Prep the skin with the DETOX step shown in the article !


This area can become a “storage ” for toxins ,  fat or  water retention and I know how conscious we can all be about it !
For all of those skin concerns this specific routine if a must !

Hold the GUA SHA with the heart shaper side fitting your chin , smaller side upwards and longer perfectly fitting your chin .

Literally place your hand like mine and you’ll see that it will fit right into your chin !

From the center of your chin glide the GUA SHA until the smaller side off the Gua Sha reaches in front of your ear and the longer side the back of your ear .

The GUA SHA  is this heart shaped tool that will allow to use different techniques and , believe me , really wonders for your skin !!

From acupressure point , to reflexology , to de contracting massage all the way to lymphatic drenage  and much more !

To be able to ” glide ” the Gua Sha need something that will give a slip factor like Balm , a rich cream or a face oil !
Let we share my favourite ones !
Remember that you can always contact me on the website chat so that I can advise you on the best option for your skin’s needs or the best one that fits into your routine !

Now that we have applied a good amount of our favourite cream or oil  on our face , neck and décolletage is time to get to work !
If we want to achieve a good result we need to prep the skin tin order to eliminate all the toxins and allow our skin to bring new oxigenetad and full of nutrients blood to our skin !
The result will be glowing , radiant  baby soft skin!

Start with one side of your chest and then move to the other side .

Start just  a little lower then the collarbone.

1. Hold the GUA SHA vestically , laying the side of the tool against your skin and glide from the center toward your armpit .

Move a little lower and repeat the same movement always aiming at the armpit !

Once you are done repeat the same 2 steps on the other side of your chest !